With the increased level of dependency on networks and information systems to run today’s business; many government departments, private corporate and educational institutes started to depend on the pre-sales and post-sales services more than anytime.

This is quite the right approach since it is not sufficient to build and implement network systems, but also to maintain it and ensure the best performance at all times.

At SMAS, before we submit our network design or proposal, we carefully study the requirements of our customers and understand the business constrains and manage the risks of failure and downtimes on productivity.

Only after full understanding of customer’s business requirements we submit a detailed proposal with design diagrams and traffic flow analysis.

Our post sales services includes testing and documentation to all existing and/or installed networking components.

We offer our customer many Annual Maintenance Contact (AMC) options to grantee business continuity and minimize the money and time losses associated with downtimes and network failures.

Our services

  • Projects Management
  • Managed Services
  • Site Preparation
  • Cabling Testing and Certification
  • Network Design
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Security Assessment